Tuesday, September 4, 2012


So here we are again at a cross roads. Deciding who to vote for. You know, the old "lesser of two evils" scenario. Am I the only one sick of that analogy? Lesser of two evils? Is this really what our political system has become?

I am always the guy telling people to get out there and vote or shut up and stop complaining. Well, this time around it looks like there is no victory for the American people. If you don't like the candidates, then DON'T VOTE. I'm sorry to say that, but don't reinforce this pathetic excuse for a political system. Vote for the issues, but leave the presidency blank. If you vote for the guy that you think is going to win anyway, then what are you really voting for? This isn't a horse race. You don't win if the winner doesn't represent YOU and your beliefs. If there is a libertarian or green party or whatever on the ballot and you feel like that is the best person for the job, then vote for them. YOU ARE NOT THROWING YOUR VOTE AWAY BY VOTING FOR WHO YOU BELIEVE IN!! He/She may not win, but at least you voted for what you believed in and not what the media spoon fed you.

It doesn't matter what party you vote for, the message is the same. But just think about it before you enter the polls this year. Vote for what you believe in regardless of what that is. If you don't agree, that's OK. But if you do, preach this to your friends and family. The only way anything will ever change is if we do it ourselves, and that does not mean only going with the choices "they" give us. It's your choice. Make it count.

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