Monday, February 13, 2012

Springer brakes

OK. I've got to say this. If you use one of these brakes on your springer front end, you will at the very least have improperly working brakes...hopefully you don't end up as a skid mark on the pavement. Seriously, this is the most horrible thing I have ever seen and this idiot sells a ton of these on ebay. The bracket gets sandwiched between the axle spacers. What's that mean? Well, it can't pivot. That means it can actually cause the front end to lock up. I got this thing sent to me with a springer I bought. I'll keep the caliper, but the bracket is going in the scrap bin. I'm amazed that no one has said anything about this before. I contacted the seller on ebay to ask him if he had used these on his own bikes. He said "send me a picture of yours". Ummmm, OK. Did that answer my question? Seriuously. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE if you value your life or bike.


  1. I have see this before. The problem that I found was that it caused the axle nut to come loose. It's something so simple but can be potentially deadly. Wow he didn't even clean off the slag. It's amazing what kind of weirdos this industry attracts. What would compel someone to even sell that or buy it for that matter. It's crazy people don't know what their selling and people don't know what their buying. Weirdos I tell you.

  2. I was considering building one of these (maybe not so crude) with a collar on the axel hole and a bushing that would pivot on the brake spacer that comes with the DNA front end.